Our Story

Our Story


Co Owner and Host

I arrived on the island after my studies in business management in Paris, to spend a vacation with friends!
After 3 weeks of discovering the white sandy beaches, restaurants, nightlife and all the charm of lile and its inhabitants, just as I was about to return, a misadventure made me miss my plane! Having obviously spent my savings, I stayed on and started working in the restaurant business – that was almost 20 years ago!


Co Owner

I’m Sébastien, co-owner of Domaine KOMBAWA. I have a great passion for architectural beauty, the atypical and the exclusive, and this is what prompted Amandyn and I to embark on a daring project. Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, we took a dilapidated house, a reminder of times gone by, and, after four years of hard work, brought it back to life, creating an exceptional place. Despite the scale of the challenge before us, the breathtaking views from the estate won us over immediately and were our source of inspiration and motivation throughout this restoration journey. Our vision transformed the ruins into a luxurious sanctuary, fusing tradition and modernity.


Co Host

My name is Palmyre, or Pam, and I have been in the hospitality industry for 20 years. My journey began in the 5-star hotel sector for the first decade, followed by another 10 years on yachts. I’ve had the privilege of serving celebrities, the wealthy, vacationers, and travel enthusiasts. Additionally, I’ll be reuniting with Amandyn, a long-time friend and former colleague in this venture. Our past collaborations and deep understanding of each other contribute to the smoothness of the interviews and the impeccable service at the Domaine. I am here to ensure your stay is as pleasant and seamless as possible.