After completing my business management studies in Paris, I arrived on the island for a vacation with friends. Three weeks of exploring the white sandy beaches, restaurants, nightlife, and the charming allure of the island and its inhabitants were supposed to culminate in my return home. But a twist of fate caused me to miss my flight! Having spent all my savings, I decided to stay and began working in the hospitality industry nearly 20 years ago. For a decade, I encountered people from all corners of the globe, enriching my life with foreign languages, diverse cultures, and various lifestyles. This experience opened my world to travel and allowed me to work in the luxurious villas of neighboring St. Barth, serving a discerning clientele.

Motherhood brought a desire for peace and a slower pace of life, leading me to shift my focus. After my eldest daughter’s first year, I opened a unique store in St. Martin, specializing in organic, local, and natural food and cosmetics.

Five years ago, I met my current partner, both in life and business, just a few months after Hurricane Irma, which transformed the island and its inhabitants. Sharing a keen interest in real estate and an eye for unique properties, we quickly discovered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in 2019: a stunning piece of land with a magnificent view, along with a devastated house, in Saint Martin’s most upscale neighborhood.

Spanning 10,000 square meters, this lush property overlooks Baie aux Prunes beach and extends all the way to the beautiful island of Saba. Over the past four years, we have worked together to bring our vision to life, collaborating with numerous artisans. From decor and color schemes to the ambiance and garden, we meticulously decide every detail ourselves to ensure our future guests have a unique and unforgettable experience.

As we approach the 2023-2024 season, we look forward to finally opening our doors and welcoming you to our little slice of paradise!