St Martin St Maarten

The Caribbean Gem

In the heart of the Caribbean, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten stands out as a rare gem. Unique in its kind, this island is shared between two nations, France and the Netherlands, yet it is not divided by any visible physical barrier. This harmonious coexistence has earned it the nickname “the Friendly Island”.

Location and Geography

Nestled in the Antillean arch, this dual-nation island spans a mere 87 km². Despite its small size, it is full of surprises. Its tropical climate is tempered by refreshing trade winds, making any time of year ideal for exploration.

Languages and Currencies

Benefiting from a rich multicultural heritage, the island is multilingual. English, French, Dutch, and Spanish are commonly spoken. In terms of currency, the French side uses the Euro, while the Dutch side primarily utilizes the Netherlands Antillean Guilder and the US Dollar.

Culture and Traditions

Known as the “Friendly Island”, it is a melting pot of hospitality. A simple smile, a “hello”, and you’ll feel right at home. With over 120 different nationalities, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten is a cultural mosaic where everyone lives in harmony.


The island hosts two airports, serving the French and Dutch sides respectively. Sea ports facilitate travel to neighboring islands. On the island, cars are the preferred mode of transportation, where a local quirk is noticeable: the near-total absence of traffic lights. Nonetheless, road politeness prevails, with warm honking and friendly greetings being part of the driving experience.

Gastronomy and Dining

The island is a paradise for food lovers. Its cultural diversity is mirrored in its high-level cuisine, offering a clever mix of Caribbean, French, and international flavors. With over 300 restaurants on the island, a unique culinary experience is guaranteed.

Beaches and Landscapes

With 37 stunning beaches, every corner of the island is an invitation to relax. The exclusive beaches of Terres Basses stand out with their limited access and discreet attendance, offering an idyllic and preserved setting.


Saint Martin/Sint Maarten showcases a fascinating architectural contrast. The French side is distinguished by its traditional houses, echoing the charm of the Antilles, while the Dutch side shines with its modern buildings and bustling cruise port.